Galotia Brewing

Galotia Brewing is, perhaps, one of our favourite projects at Hop Wear.

Not simply because it was one of the first, but also because it is one of the most complete projects we have undertaken.

The Galotia enterprise was stimulating, challenging and exhilarating, with creative juices flowing from the initial ideas of the owners, combining with those of our designers. Working from the very basic idea of the iconic Canary Island lizard, we at Hop Wear were given full reign to design the logo, labels, tee shirts and even the factory doors for this vibrant, energetic company.

Breaking with clichés, Hop Wear was able to create an easily identifiable symbol of the lizard for the beer, which was at once, vibrant, carefree and dynamic. Hop Wear is always open to the ideas of it’s clients (Hoppers), seeing this as a two-way collaboration.

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